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Senior student Ofelia Andersson writes about producing a series of vibrant dance photographs

I currently study A level photography and am aiming to go on to study it at University next year. For my School work this year I have been given the opportunity to choose my own theme to work from, so I chose Movement. I am focussing on slow shutter speed photography in order to add an artistic approach to dancing and the individual movements within. My goal for this photo shoot was to take photos that didn’t just show a dance position, but also show the stages of the dancer getting there.

“I have taken inspiration from photographers such as Bill Wadman and Tony Daoulas who both show movement in different but interesting ways. The lines and shapes within their work show fluidity which is what I was aiming to achieve in my own photography.”

When I did my own shoot I wanted to really highlight the different colours within the photos. I did this by asking my models to wear coloured leotards and by using a soft box light angled towards the dancer to light up an area of the photo, putting an emphasis on the colours.

I hope to build upon my skills to enable myself to pursue a career in photography in the near future.

Ofelia Andersson (17)