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“I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation for my professional dance career than training at Hazelwood. The emphasis on technique coupled with the opportunity to perform regularly developed a sense of artistry from a young age. Also, having the chance to create my own work has helped me gain employment as a choreographer. Hazelwood has a caring and professional environment that I would recommend for any budding dancer.”

Professional Dancer/Choreographer

“Our daughter has been dancing at Hazelwood since the age of 4, studying Ballet, Tap and Modern dance, and has regularly passed examinations gaining strong grades in all 3 disciplines.  She has competed in dance festivals since the age of 7 and has amassed a number of trophies, certificates and medals as a result. Her time at Hazelwood has given her poise, independence and confidence and great friendship together with a sense of belonging. As a result, she has developed such a love of dance that she wishes to pursue this as a career. She has had a lot of fun over the years and now regards Hazelwood as her second home!”


“Our son watched his sisters dance at Hazelwood and decided he wanted to get involved too, so began tap classes a few years ago. He loves it! He has never felt intimidated by being in the minority being a boy, and the girls in his class have made him most welcome! He liked tap so much he has now added Modern and Ballet to his repertoire! Dance is most definitely a family affair.”