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After 28 years as Principal of Hazelwood Dance Studios, Hazel Jackman is launching herself into the next phase of her life with a Charity Skydive

 “The school is your life.  Even though serendipity has done it’s job and Hazelwood is being passed on to the right person at the right time, I’ll miss teaching my pupils enormously.”

When Hazelwood opened in a little church hall in Cambridge in 1991, little did I realise how fulfilling the next 28 years of would be.  I’m very lucky to have a job I love and so it’s with a mixture of sadness and immense pride that I will be hanging up my ballet shoes for the last time at the end of December.

Our school is like a little community, so making the decision to step away from the children you’ve nurtured and the parents who have given you years of friendship and support was a struggle. What has become clear is that the school has bright and exciting times ahead under the leadership of Miss Hannah Francis.  That makes me incredibly happy and has made passing over the reins so much easier.

New Principal:  Hannah Francis

I will be forever grateful to the talented teachers, wonderful Hazelwood families past and present and to my own parents who have helped  make Hazelwood what it is today.  So, here’s to a new chapter and long may we all continue to be inspired by dance in our various ways!

Hazel’s Retirement Skydive is in aid of St. Nicholas Hospice Care & Theatre Royal BSE. If you would like to support her, sponsorship donations and pledges can be made by visiting Hazel’s Retirement Charity Skydive or by Email: hazeljackman@googlemail.com
Telephone: 01284 488134