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The National Youth Music Theatre’s mission is to offer exceptional opportunities in pre-professional, musical theatre training for talented young people of all backgrounds aged 10 to 23 years, through skills workshops and residential courses led by industry professionals

Every year in January & February NYMT hold national auditions for up to four productions. During the audition process, I went to Cambridge where I completed my first audition day. They also audition in 11 other venues around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. In preparation for my audition I had to learn a musical theatre song of my own choice to perform, the rest you learn on the day. (Usually a dance routine and a script.)

Shortly after this I received an email saying that they would like to see me again for the recalls in London.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

For this audition I had to learn a dance, 3 songs and various scripts. Four days after the recalls I was amazingly lucky to receive an email saying they would like to offer me a role in a musical called Legend Trippers, to be directed by Kate Golledge and performed at The Other Place in London this summer. I truly couldn’t believe it because people like Sheridan Smith, Idris Elba, and Lily James started with NYMT!

The preparation for the show involves spending a week at Easter and again in the summer holidays at Sevonoaks school rehearsing.

The show was an incredible experience and a taster of a potential career for me!

I would like to thank all the teachers at Hazelwood for providing me with the best possible dance training and I feel they have helped me hugely to build my confidence on stage.

Ruby Decent (14)