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What exactly are Modern Enhancement classes and
what will I learn?

At Hazelwood we offer optional Modern Enhancement classes to pupils who are keen to build on their existing performance skills and expand their knowledge. Whilst our core Modern classes focus on ISTD Examination preparation, this additional training introduces new dance styles and techniques and improves strength and flexibility. For example, our audition preparation sessions help build confidence for all our students and are particularly valuable to those interested in a career within the Performing Arts sector.

Mondays 4.30-5.30 pm – Grade 2 – 4
Mondays 7.15-8.15 pm – Grade 5 – Adv 1

Sample Timetable

Week 1       Stretch, abs, back strengthening. Jazz and Freestyle

Week 2       Stretch legs, arm strengthening. Kicks, turns and leaps

Week 3       Acro

Week 4       Contemporary routine with floor work

Week 5       Stretching and strengthening for kicks, turns and leaps

Week 6       Mock audition

Week 7       Stretching / strengthening. Commercial / Hip Hop routine

Week 8       Stretching and strengthening. Kicks turns and leaps

Week 9       Acting /singing preparation for auditions

Week 10     Mock audition Jazz class

Week 11     Acro

Week 12     Watching week for parents